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There are times when I wish I were a religious person so that I could take perverse pleasure in knowing someone was going to rot in hell.

I know that's an awful thing to say. I wish I had a better way to cope with the injustice in the world.

Two patients I've taken care of over the past couple of weeks come to mind. The first is an 8 week old baby found alone at home covered in bruises, scratches, and human bite marks. There was suspicion that he had been sexually assaulted. He had been punched in the face and his eyes were swollen shut. All the poor thing wanted was to be held, and I couldn't do it because we were unsure if he had a broken neck or spine and he was strapped to a board and in a tiny neck collar. This was the first patient I cried over in a very long time.

The second is a 14 year old boy with a bilateral open mandible fracture. He apparently was on his bike, stopped at an intersection, and had some kind of verbal altercation with a couple of guys in a truck. The guys got out of the truck and stomped on this boy's face until his jaw not only broke on both sides, but the bones were severed from his skull and were exposed. Breaking someone's jaw is very difficult. Breaking it like that is nearly impossible, and I think those douchebags should be charged with attempted murder. I have no idea what a 14 year old boy could have said to provoke such a reaction, and I don't think I care.

There are days I wish I were superhero*. I'd avenge these heinous deeds and make everything right with the world. While I'm waiting to learn how to fly, I should keep my hate to myself and do my very best to put the pieces back together for these unfortunate patients.

*Or had mob ties (perhaps easier than I think given that my roots are in South Boston).

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Ugh. *hugs* Both are awful, but the baby just makes me want to cry. I'm sorry that your work brings you face to face with some of the worst bits of humanity at times, but glad that you're there to offer what comfort you can to its victims. :(

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